Testimonials and Thank Yous

Thank you thank you for the experience my sister, Cherie, and I had at your house after her grand baby died and needed burial clothes. I’ve worked with Relief Society Humanitarian work for many years, but had never been at the receiving end of that work. As we walked into your house, you greeted us with such love; I felt that you have indeed “received His image in your countenance.” The abundance of the little burial outfits was a testament of the sacrifice that many women have made to share their talents with the bereaved. Each little outfit and robe (blanket [wrap]) was beautiful and fitting for the tiny child of God. After Cherie had chosen the clothing that would be placed on little Harrison’s body, you offered an extra outfit that could be used for a sweet memory (which Cherie accepted). That little suit is now in a beautiful shadowbox that the baby’s mother made. Please know how grateful we are to you and share our thanks your other workers.

Dawn C.

We would like to thank you for sharing your handmade infant gowns with our unit. The gowns are beautiful and our Bereavement Committee is most grateful for your generosity! You have obviously put a great deal of care into each one of the 7 gowns we received. Providing different sizes is also very helpful for us. 

Thank you again for sharing these infant gowns with us. Providing a special outfit to Parents experiencing a devastating loss is a small gesture, but one that does bring honor to that life and hopefully some comfort to the families. We appreciate your compassion and willing ness to share it! 

Sincerely yours, 
Nicole S.

Thank you so much for everything you have done to create Angel Gowns. Without your driving force, this program would not be around to touch so many hearts. This project has done so much to heal my heart from the loss of my mother to not being able to have children. Having gone through several failed AI and IVF’s, I understand the grief to a degree these families feel. Using my gown to help with their grief process and healing has helped with mine after all these years. 

You will never know all the people you touch , but know that God knows. 

Please accept this heart. I asked my friend to paint it especially for you, because even though I don’t know you, I believe it is your daily mantra…..Grace will lead you…


Thank you for accepting my dress. This dress was 46 years old on January 29, 2018. Thank you for the work you do. 
-Vicki O.

To the amazing people who will give your time, talent and love to this project, I offer you my heartfelt gratitude!

In honor of my daughter, my precious angel baby, Audrey Virginia, I am grateful for the opportunity to send you my treasured wedding dress that I wore almost 13 years ago when I married her father, Duane. Our love is still growing strong and I hope the loving joyful energy in this dress, and the Angel Gowns that you make with it will bring some solace, peace and comfort to the families who need one. Although I miss my daughter terribly, I have chosen to open my heart to love and joy because I know she would want that for me, as all Angel Babies do for the families!

With this dress, I send my wishes for love, kindness, peaces, and happiness and healing to everyone who comes in contact with it. 

Love, Danielle O. 

Thank you for accepting my wedding gown for The Angel Gowns Project and for having such an awesome program!

Keep up the amazing work!

With love,
Margaret H. 

Thank you so much for the beautiful angel gowns you donated to the NICU at Greenville Health System. We are so grateful to you and the other woman for the time, talent, and love you put into each and every one of them. Helping families in the NICU who are experiencing loss in the NICU is by far the hardest thing we do, but it is wonderful to be able to share your poems and beatiful gowns with them. 

Many Thanks,
Rachel and NICU Staff
Greenville Health System

Thank you for allowing me to give to others through your ministy. God bless you for your heart for others.

Melissa W. 

Thank you for the love sewn into these precious baby’s gowns. 

Amy C. 

Thank you so much for the beautiful Angel Gowns. Your kindness is very much appreciated.

Our families will treasure these beautiful gowns. I also appreciate the poem you enclosed. 

The Women’s Hospital 
Newburgh, IN

I had heard briefly about the “Angel Gowns” ministry. I decided to learn more about the project. I got my 54 year old gown out and decided to rip it apart. We were very poor and didn’t have money – so I had made my gown. I was not a seamstress but with God’s help, I got enough money together, bought fabric and pattern and made my gown! We had a simple, but sweet church wedding. (I saved my gown, hoping some day to have a daughter and re-do the gown and add lace, etc., but this was not God’s plan.) At the age of 56 my husband had a massive heart attach. As I picked the gown apart, I  relived all the happy memories. God is good! I have located your web-site and found I need to sign-up to donate. The gown is all dry cleaned, pressed, and ready to be mailed so some sweet person can sew it into Angel Gowns. Thank you for a great service to mankind. God Bless you. I am happy that I can help someone in need. Thanks again. 

Alma P

This is such a beautiful ministry!! Thank you so much! I am so thankful for you, and touched deeply to have my gown used this way. It gives it a beautiful meaning!

Jody M.