Sponsor a Dress

Some brides HAVE a dress to donate, but DON’T HAVE the funds.

Some people HAVE the funds to donate, but DON’T HAVE a dress.

Our Sponsor a Dress Program allows you to collaborate and be a part of The Angel Gowns Project together! Together you will help women and families around the world to heal, find purpose, build confidence, and feel empowered, through receiving and creating angel gowns.

What will sponsoring a dress do?

  • Allow a bride to feel the joy, and often healing, from donating her dress.
  • Give 8-10 angel families the gift of a beautiful angel gown.
  • Give a woman in a developing country education, skill, and a job (International Program)
  • Give a volunteer seamstress the opportunity to use her talents and big heart to bless angel families. (USA Program)

If you need a monetary sponsor:
1. You can find a sponsor to collaborate with, or
2. Wait to be placed with a sponsor that reaches out to us. Fill out this form to be added to our list of those waiting for a sponsor

If you would like to sponsor another woman’s dress fill out the form below: