Thank you for your interest in donating your dress! If you are interested in having your dressed sponsored, please submit this form and then send us a quick email at that you have done so.

You will then be placed on a contact list for those waiting for a sponsor. This is a program we offer, but it is out of our control who or how many people participate. We encourage you to also be seeking a sponsor for yourself to speed up the process. Once you find a sponsor please contact us! If we find a sponsor for you first, we will contact you.

You will still be responsible for shipping costs to get your dress to our organization volunteer in the United States. From there our sponsored dresses are usually sent to our International Project, but you can still receive some gowns returned to you to donate in the United States. If you have been on the US waiting list and prefer it to still go to a US seamstress, that is possible as long as your financial sponsor agrees. Best of luck in this impactful endeavor!