Frequently Asked Questions

We are humbled and pleasantly overwhelmed by the incredible response we’ve received for our Angel Gowns Project! We are so excited for you to join us in this great cause! These dresses have melted our hearts and brought tears to our eyes multiple times. There just aren’t words that describe it. When we first read the “Imprinted in My Heart” poem that Erin Schmutz sent to us to include with the gowns, tears fell. It’s been such a sweet and tender project for us.

We help women and families dealing with immense grief and internal poverty, find hope, healing, purpose, confidence, and empowerment by receiving and creating angel gowns. We are grateful you are here!

We have been flooded with questions about the cost and details of this project so we wanted to answer the most frequently asked questions here (clicking on the question will take you to the answer):

How can I donate my dress?

You have two options for donating your dress. These programs work hand in hand with each other to help us accomplish our mission:

1. International Program – You can donate your wedding dress with your donation of $100. You then get to follow the beautiful journey of your dress to a developing country (Guatemala is currently the country dresses are going to), virtually meet your seamstress on social media, learn about her and how you are helping her family. You then have the option to donate all the angel gowns in that developing country, or you can choose to have some of them sent back to you to donate. Yes! It’s possible to receive some of your angel gowns back for you to donate in the states. To join the International Program click here. After you have made your $100 donation, our team will contact you via email.

2. USA Program – Our USA Program has a waiting list which closes at various times to allow our seamstresses to get through the list. You can check if the waiting list is open or closed here. (And please note, if you were on our past waiting list and missed our email to donate your dress then please contact us. Sometimes our emails go to your spam folder.) Those currently on the waitlist can donate your wedding dress with your donation of $100, and request that your angel gowns be sewn by one of our seamstress volunteers in the states. You then can choose to have our team donate the angel gowns to a location in need, or they can be returned to you, for you to donate. There is a waitlist for this program because it is fully run by busy, but willing and wonderful volunteers.

100% of the donations go towards sustaining The Angel Gowns Project and programs that make it possible to fulfill our mission to help women and families around the world heal, find purpose, build confidence, and empowerment, through receiving and creating angel gowns.

Can I make a monetary donation even if I don’t donate a dress?

Yes, thank you! Monetary donations help us fulfill our mission. We consider our monetary donors partners in relieving internal poverty. Thank you for joining us in this important journey. We couldn’t do it without you. You can click here to make your donation. 

Can I donate monthly?

Yes! We love our monthly donors. They are passionate and generous and want to be a big part of this project. Each month we are reminded that we are in this together. Click here to become a monthly donor. You can cancel your monthly donation at any time by emailing

Can I send my dress in now?

Yes! If you are interested in sending your dress in now and would like to make a lasting impact on families around the world, check out our International Program

What is the cost?

There is no cost for the families receiving the gowns. The angel gown is a beautiful gift from you to grieving families. It also blesses those involved in the transformation of the gowns.

If you are donating your dress to the USA Program or International Program, we request a minimum donation of $100.

100% of the donations go towards sustaining The Angel Gowns Project and Programs that make it possible to fulfill our mission to help women and families around the world heal, find purpose, build confidence, and feel empowered, through receiving and creating angel gowns.

Where do I give my donation for The Angel Gowns Project?

The easiest and best way to donate is to click here to donate electronically or through PayPal. If you’re not able to pay online, please email

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes! We are a nonprofit organization and your donations are tax-deductible.

Where do I send my dress?

After you have signed up for one of the programs, you will receive emails with information and directions. Once you have followed through with those directions, and we are ready for your dress, we will provide you with a mailing address.

Do I have to clean my dress before I send it?

You do not have to pay to get your dress dry cleaned prior to sending it if it is in good condition (without multiple stains and smoke-free). We just ask that when we receive it, it is clean and smoke-free! We can work around small stains, but your dress should be in good condition otherwise.

Does my dress have to be packaged a certain way?

Packing and shipping the dress is up to you. It does not have to be done a certain way. If you’d like to cut down on the shipping cost, you are welcome to remove the tulle from your dress before you ship it. This is completely optional.

Can I have the finished gowns returned to me?

Yes! Both of our programs offer the option to be returned to you.

If I want it shipped back to me, how long should I expect to wait?

The estimated time to receive your gowns back is 3-6 months for our US program, up to a year if donating internationally.

Do you make outfits for boys too?

Yes! We have found that because angel babies are so fragile, gowns work best, so we embellish the gowns differently for boys; we add vests, suspenders, and bowties.

Does the dress have to be white?

We mostly use white and ivory wedding dresses. We are open to all dresses that will make a quality burial gown. We also welcome colorful prom and bridesmaid dresses for our International Project gowns. These dresses are great for colorful embellishments. Colorful dresses will not be made into individual angel gowns, they will be used for embellishments.

Is my wedding dress too old to donate?

No! We do not have an “age limit” on wedding dresses that can be donated through our organization. If you are donating your grandmother’s 60 year old wedding dress, or donating your wedding dress from last month, we love and accept all dresses! We only ask that dresses be in good condition with very minimal staining and that they do not smell of smoke or any other strong odor.

Can I send in more than one dress?

There is a one dress limit per person for the USA programs, but you are welcome to send in multiple dresses for the International Program.

Can I send in a dress that has already been cut and partly repurposed?

Yes! These dresses often have the most beautiful stories to go with them. We will do our best to get as many angel gowns out of what is left.

Can I share my personal story, and if so, how and where?

Yes! We are passionate about sharing stories of love, faith, healing, and empowerment! We believe it’s a healing tool for both the reader and the writer. You can find out more information about sending your story in here. We will share your story on our social media platforms.

Does the story have to be about losing a child?

The story can be about you, or someone you love, who has lost a child.

Can I have an Angel Gown sent to me for someone in need?

Yes! Please contact us and we can arrange this for your specific needs. Please note, that it will take some time to get it shipped to you, in the meantime, check with the local hospital or birthing center as they might have some on hand already.

If you haven’t already joined our email list, we’d love to have you as part as our Angel Gowns Project family and community! We promise no spam!

Thank you! We love and appreciate you!