If you have an upcoming International trip and would like to take a bundle of Angel Gowns with you to donate, then we want you as an Angel Gowns Ambassador!!

How do you do this?

1. Email us at angelgowns@realimprints.org with your travel dates and destination, as well as your current location. (You do need to be currently living in the U.S.

2. If we give the okay, we’ll then mail a bundle of Angel Gowns for you to take.

3. During your travels, it’s your job to find JUST ONE hospital or clinic where you can donate the bundle of Angel Gowns. It can be as easy as visiting the hospital nearest your hotel!

4. Tell the hospital/clinic about The Angel Gowns Project and that you have a donation of Angel Gowns for them. Take a picture of yourself there if you can! In front of the building or a sign, or with who accepted the donations, etc.

5. Email us about your experience letting us know the hospital/clinic where you donated and how it went! Also include any photos you took!! We will share them on our social media accounts. 🙂

Easy peasy!

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in helping us with, please send us an email at angelgowns@realimprints.org. We would love to have you as an Angel Gowns Ambassador, spreading love and hope around the globe!!!

(And please note, this is a volunteer opportunity and we do not pay for any of your travel expenses. You are volunteering your time to take the Angel Gowns and find a donation location at your travel destination.)